Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Karakia for staff meeting

I have an unhelpful belief that I cant learn a second language. So today I feel proud that I was able to convince myself to lead the school karakia prior to the staff meeting. This required a lot of positive self-talk and positive affirmation. Given I preach these concepts to my students I felt it was time that I did something to change this unhelpful belief.

Fortunately, I also have my colleague matua Leroy who set me the goal of saying the school karakia to the staff. Without him challenging me I probably wouldn't have done it. I also found the students very helpful and ultra positive about my attempts at the Maori language. I learned how using the Maori language to Maori students can help in developing relationships and also gain respect. I was also pleased to discover my Maori colleagues being so supportive despite my mispronunciations. Anything is better than nothing as one colleague said. This will encourage me to attempt more language.


  1. I commend you and thank you for acknowledging Te reo Maori. This is not only my language, but our language. I honestly am still learning te reo Maori myself. Karakia is an important part of my teaching practice that our students appreciate, connect, respect and do as a way of life.He mihi nui tenei kia koe mo o mahi ki te ako i to tatou nei reo.
    You are leading by example as our H.O.D of physical education. Kia Rangatira.

  2. Thanks for sharing this publicly Jason to inspire others. You could have kept this to yourself, or just had the security of your colleagues in your school knowing about your struggle but you chose to be visible about your own learning. I agree with LeRoy - you are a true leader.