Friday, 6 April 2018

Reflection day 5 digital intensive

Today we focussed on google keep and google sites. I have had experience with both of these applications in 2017, however, I was still interested in learning new functions and understanding the good practice.

One of the best tips I gained from today were from google keep. I learned how to grab image text from google keep. I can see many practical ways this could be used, especially with those teachers new to using digital technologies in their teaching.

In the second part of the day, we looked at using new sites. I have already made many new sites over the past year and I am currently switching my teaching site from classic to new. What I did enjoy was the idea of a multi-modal site to engage learners and give opportunities for different learning styles. This is going to be in my mind when developing units of work for my learners.

This is a screenshot of a multi-modal website collaborated on today

Here is the link to the site  link


  1. Jason this is perfect! I am so glad I clicked onto your post just now as I had forgotten we were asked to take a screenshot. You have made it look so easy. I look forward to seeing 'Happy Feet' site.

  2. Kia ora Jason, good effort and great pronunciation. It's often a challenge picking up and running with something different but I'm sure your staff and students appreciated you leading karakia on this occasion.

  3. Thanks Jason
    It is so cool to read this, and to see that someone else is going through the same learning as I am.
    Enjoy your day