Monday, 16 May 2016

Student feedback

I collected in student feedback from my Level 1 and 2 class.

With each class they have had their first experience this year using google docs for work and a website for learning

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Mr Borland's PE site is a useful for my learning(26 responses)
AbsolutelyMostlyNot ReallyNeverOther30.8%65.4%
Not Really1
Mr Borland's PE site is easy to use(26 responses)
AbsolutelyMostlyNot ReallyNeverOther38.5%61.5%
Not Really0
Mr Borland's screencasts that on on his site are useful for my learning(26 responses)
AbsolutelyMostlyNot ReallyNeverOther11.5%34.6%50%
Not Really3
Please make any relevant comments on mr Borland's website(12 responses)
It help me learning different activities..
It help me learning different activities..
It's easier for me to use!. If i was to come to class late and missed out on what we have to do, I wouldn't have to worry much because all I would have to ask him is what were on then go to the website and start working.
Easy to use and find
really easy to use and is helpful
The PE site is good for knowing what to do on an assessment but learning sources on the site don't have a broad selection of information to choose from. Screen casts are very useful for recapping what happened in the lesson without having to ask the teacher, who could be busy with other students etc. Using google docs is very good because getting feedback stays on the page which is harder to forget, and it helps with going through the assessment at a step by step bases making the assessments seem less intimidating.
Pe is the only class i have that involves a website and i feel that its helped me alot in class. Pe is my favourite class because i can actually understand and do the work properly using the guidelines of the website.
it gives good information and these form things are fun to do
it okay to used for mt school work but not mostly for me
Mr Borland is a very great teacher.
Mr Borland has stepped up ever since he has met us and for his website it made it much easer then knowing what we really had to do . its worth it
Using google docs improves my work(26 responses)
AbsolutelyMostlyNot ReallyNever7.7%11.5%80.8%
Not Really2
Mr Borland's feedback on google docs helps with my learning(26 responses)
AbsolutelyMostlyNot ReallyNever11.5%26.9%61.5%
Not Really3
Overall I enjoy using google docs and google sites to do my work(26 responses)
AbsolutelyMostlyNot ReallyNever26.9%69.2%
Not Really1
What does Mr Borland do well in his teaching(21 responses)
He teach us about respecting and how to follow rules.
He teach us about respecting and how to follow rules.
explains how to play games well.
He encourages us all to do our best, he also pushes us to strive for the best without giving up easily. he always pushes us to complete all task in a self reasonable way .also sharing good experience from his life to make us realise the real world and to help us to learn from our mistakes and not to be able to go back and redo the mistakes that we deleted from our life's and the past.
commenting on your work to help complete the work.
The sport we play in P.E is fun and a good teacher in the classroom
he's good at explaining things when it's hard and very good at talking
good at explaing
Makes assessments seem like less work giving it out in steps which are easy to follow because of the website. Lots of praise which gives the atmosphere of the classroom a great learning environment.
gives frequent feedback about my work
he uses words that are in my vocab lol, easier to understand mr borland then other teachers.
explaining what I have to do and write about more easier for me to understand
talks a lot
I like how he guides us through each step of our learning in order for us to achieve
Explains what we need to do clearly
he demonstrates things to us and tells us our rights and wrongs.
it all right teaching some times it not
he helps us
Explain about his knowledge and activity that we were playing.
having us trying our very best to succeed in everything we do ,.
How could Mr Borland improve his teaching(16 responses)
By using his knowledge about something that make us response.
By using his knowledge about something that make us response.
I don't know yet. ?
Stop saying the "its your fault" quotes alot it gets annoying sometimes.
Create a bond with all students so we all get along
getting to know every single student in the class well and build a strong bond with everyone.
Maybe harsher criticism in giving feedback to help improve work quality.
become less stressed, it reflects on the class and its hard to work in a stressed environment.
dont be awkward
he doesn't really need to improve.
by having more confectioner in us
He doesnt need too.
By using all his skills and body language.
nothing because what ever he has done , is what a teacher should also be doing , he can be hard on us students but it always gonna be for a reason , I think mr Borland is one good teacher .

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Making learning rewindable using video delay

In my PE classes I am now regularly making the physical skills rewindable. I do this by using an I pad app called BaM. It stands for bust a move. This provides video streaming but in delay. The delay can be from 2 seconds too 2 minutes

Next use apple TV to mirror the Ipad onto the 70 inch TV that is installed in our Gym. The video can now be viewed by the entire gym. It creates an instant reply like situation. I would like to thank the board of trustees of Papakura High for their support in the installation of a TV

The result is students viewing and watching their movements. The teacher can prompt them and discuss with them what they are doing. It saves the teacher from trying to use words to do this. Now the learning and evaluating is visual