Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Video Tagger

Video Tagger is a unique and powerful video analysis and assessment tool that makes it possible to capture and tag sports performance.
Start recording and tap the customization buttons to tag performance as it happens. The app will record a few seconds either side of the tap.
Continue this for the duration of the performance and when finished video montages will be compiled with the highlights you identified.
Here is a demonstration of it being used in a PE class by myself

Here is the final product. The student who this edited video if of is Kaloni who is in the black

Sharing Manaiakalni experience in Taupo

Yesterday I traveled to Taupo to share my journey as a teacher in the manaiakalani project and provide some wisdom on implementing digital technology

Taupo College is a little unsure how to go about this. I attempted to convince them of the Manaiakalani model and specifically against BYOD.

I also convinced them of Teacher dashboard. I also discussed at length how laggards will become dinosaurs in this new age. the qualities that made them good teachers in the past will not hold true in a digital age.

Here is a copy of my presentation