Monday, 20 July 2015

Video tool that will be a game changer in PE

On June 30 I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Jarrod Robinson otherwise known as the 'PE geek'. Jarrod was visiting from his home in Australia. I took a away two things from the meeting

1. For every app based educational video software there is a cloud based solution. Given our students unrestricted google accounts and the fact they use Chromebooks web based software is preferable to software.

2. A large screen which can be projected upon is revolutionary in PE gyms and could be a game changer

PE geek blog on projection

In particular the use of the app BaM. This app is a video delay. Essentially using an I pad tripod PE could be videoed continuously and using the app the video would show on the I pad (and a big screen in delay)

The delay can be anything from 2 seconds to  minutes. Practically students could watch replays of their discrete skills and game play in a replay like situation. Best of it would require no work in terms of videoing and allow the teacher to focus on the teaching