Thursday, 19 November 2015

Using the GROWTH coaching model to improve performance

As a result of using video in PE classes, I have found a key element to accelerate learning is the appropriate questioning of the students.

Traditional skill teaching has always focused on relaying to the students what can be seen by the teacher. This involves articulating a picture into the students head. This is problematic as what is intended to be communicated is often different in reality. This is could be due to misunderstandings around language, or even just an inability to articulate.

With apps such as video delay, or video tagger or vidalyze the student can now see for themselves what is happening. But this does not necessarily mean they understand the effects and have the perception to change technique

I think good pedagogy in this instance involves a coaching model approach

This means looking at the reality of what is happening. Discuss what could be done to improve, Agree on what will be done, How they are going to this.

This model promotes discussion as opposed to a teacher lecture. It also makes the student think about what they are seeing. The model is a great framework to promote this discussion.

It is important using this model that students talk more than the teacher. The teacher is there to facilitate. Because evidence is in front of the student in the way of a video, students should have the information to discover what is happening. The teachers job is then to bring this out of them.

I like the TPACK model because it suggests that the digital technology alone wont accelerate learning.. It has to be accompanied by changes in pedagogy and also content.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Using video in social networking sites to enhance performance

Over the last week I have been in Australia playing for the NZ over 35 mens touch team

Training for this series of matches has been difficult as we are located in various parts of the North Island

As a solution to this we made a video of our team patterns and posted them in a group in facebook. There team members could view and learn the patterns without having to practice and watch. It gave us an advantage as by the time the series started the NZ team had every player in the team understanding the patterns where as Australia had issues between the NSW and Queensland contingent.

In terms of sports coaching in schools using google plus or Facebook and video team plays and patterns will enable players to familiarize themselves with game plans. It also enables communication and bonding between players 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Ideas from U learn

Swivl is an automated mobile accessory with a suite of online tools that enables educators to use video for professional development and instruction. The Swivl Robot, Capture app and Cloud work together with your mobile devices to create multimedia videos, which can be shared with students, peers and coaches using our free, secure, FERPA compliant video hosting service.

With features like viewer analytics, automated uploads, time-stamped comments and unlimited storage, Swivl improves interactions to increase student engagement, while advancing professional development. Swivl is so easy to use it opens up the possibilities of daily use of video in classrooms.

I think recording classes and uploading onto websites is a great way of students accessing instruction in case of absence.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Video Tagger

Video Tagger is a unique and powerful video analysis and assessment tool that makes it possible to capture and tag sports performance.
Start recording and tap the customization buttons to tag performance as it happens. The app will record a few seconds either side of the tap.
Continue this for the duration of the performance and when finished video montages will be compiled with the highlights you identified.
Here is a demonstration of it being used in a PE class by myself

Here is the final product. The student who this edited video if of is Kaloni who is in the black

Sharing Manaiakalni experience in Taupo

Yesterday I traveled to Taupo to share my journey as a teacher in the manaiakalani project and provide some wisdom on implementing digital technology

Taupo College is a little unsure how to go about this. I attempted to convince them of the Manaiakalani model and specifically against BYOD.

I also convinced them of Teacher dashboard. I also discussed at length how laggards will become dinosaurs in this new age. the qualities that made them good teachers in the past will not hold true in a digital age.

Here is a copy of my presentation

Friday, 14 August 2015

Video Delay in A PE class

This shows how video delay can be used in PE class

When a student is performing a discrete skill such a forward flip on a mini tramp, a student can then watch that performance as if it is an instant replay

The students gains automatic feedback by watching and evaluating themselves. This replaces the old method of the teacher or coach trying to describe what is happening.

The advantages of video delay is that the teacher can spend time teaching and not video, cutting and editing during lessons

Any video tool that provide is so easy to use and requires little set up or labor intensive work should be incorporated as part of quality PE teaching

Presenting to the PENZ conference

Over the July Holidays I was fortunate enough to present to the Physical Education National conference in Hamilton My presentation focused on using digital technologies to accelerate learning. I took the time to show my work with the vidalyze programme. Through meeting the developer of this programme I was able to give away one life time membership to the software.

presentation to PENZ conference

Monday, 20 July 2015

Video tool that will be a game changer in PE

On June 30 I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Jarrod Robinson otherwise known as the 'PE geek'. Jarrod was visiting from his home in Australia. I took a away two things from the meeting

1. For every app based educational video software there is a cloud based solution. Given our students unrestricted google accounts and the fact they use Chromebooks web based software is preferable to software.

2. A large screen which can be projected upon is revolutionary in PE gyms and could be a game changer

PE geek blog on projection

In particular the use of the app BaM. This app is a video delay. Essentially using an I pad tripod PE could be videoed continuously and using the app the video would show on the I pad (and a big screen in delay)

The delay can be anything from 2 seconds to  minutes. Practically students could watch replays of their discrete skills and game play in a replay like situation. Best of it would require no work in terms of videoing and allow the teacher to focus on the teaching

Friday, 22 May 2015

Students are working on their video analysis

After videoing a visiting basketball professional I was now ready for the students to analysis their videos

I shared the video of the professional with the students through the sharing option on the vidalyze site.

Before I the students analyzed, I had to explain what they were looking for. This meant going through the bi-mechanical principles and applying them to a basketball shot

Key components i have recognized are balance and stability, force summation and anatomy of joints and forces.

After this analysis they should be able to grasp their thei technique failing and also what they are doing correctly