Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Student voice

A few weeks ago I had Aaron Scorringe from team solutions come in. Aaron took some student voice independently around the use of rewindable learning. This is what he uncovered from the students

student voice

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Students presenting on how rewindable learning benefits their education

On Monday I had one of my wonderful Year 12 students (Saffron), presented to the Papakura High School staff.  She talked about what rewindable learning looks like from a student perspective and how it assists her in learning and achievement.

Saffron is a wonderful engaged student and she did a great job in front of a difficult audience. A point she made was that when she is away she does not need to get anxious about what she may have missed because she can just go to my site and catch up using the video and written instruction.

Saffron has had a great year using digital technology. In her first two assessments she gained a merit and excellence. Hopefully her feedback can provide motivation for staff to get their teaching and learning online and provide rewindable learning opportunities for students.