Friday, 18 March 2016

Quote on installing large TV into Gym, classroom, hall

A big thank you to the board of trustees of Papakura High for approving the installation of a TV in the gym

After discussion and thought we choose a TV over projection. Here are the reasons

  • Projection is not suitable in a gym where lighting is important. A TV has a sharper and clearer resolution
  • TV's are now comparable in price to projection
  • Apple TV and chrome casting is possible with a TV
  • TV's can be protected with bullet proof glass

Below is a breakdown of the potential costs 

Equipment Summary
Sharp Aquos 60” LED/LCD Television $1899.00 + GST $1550.00 + GST*
Sharp Aquos 70” LED/LCD Television $3914.00 + GST
Both TV options feature at least 3x HDMI inputs

Panasonic SC-HTB8GN Soundbar Sound System, Mount & Cabling $300.00 + GST
Standard/Flat Wall Mount $100.00 + GST
10m HDMI/VGA/Audio Cable Set w/ Patch Panel & 2m Patch Cables $295.00 + GST

Custom Made 12mm Polycarbonate Protect Cover $1670.00 + GST
Access/Lifting Equipment Hire (required due to size/weight of screen and protective cover) $400.00 + GST
Misc. Hardware/Incidentals $150.00 + GST
Estimated Installation Costs (two technicians required) $1200.00 + GST

Total – using 60” Screen $5665.00 + GST

Total – using 70” Screen $8029.00 + GST

Monday, 14 March 2016

The power of video for students to self assess behaviours

Videoed my students the other day. They were in their teams and one person in their team was to relay some information about the game

I videoed the this process. After we watched the video we looked at active listening skills

Describe your listening skills

Consider your body language, eye contact, active listening

What effect did this have on the group

I found that once the students could see themselves they realized the importance that their body language has. Video is  great way for students to reflect on their behaviour. Teachers are always giving students verbal feedback on their behaviour. It is far more powerful I believe for the students to see their behaviour