Friday, 18 March 2016

Quote on installing large TV into Gym, classroom, hall

A big thank you to the board of trustees of Papakura High for approving the installation of a TV in the gym

After discussion and thought we choose a TV over projection. Here are the reasons

  • Projection is not suitable in a gym where lighting is important. A TV has a sharper and clearer resolution
  • TV's are now comparable in price to projection
  • Apple TV and chrome casting is possible with a TV
  • TV's can be protected with bullet proof glass

Below is a breakdown of the potential costs 

Equipment Summary
Sharp Aquos 60” LED/LCD Television $1899.00 + GST $1550.00 + GST*
Sharp Aquos 70” LED/LCD Television $3914.00 + GST
Both TV options feature at least 3x HDMI inputs

Panasonic SC-HTB8GN Soundbar Sound System, Mount & Cabling $300.00 + GST
Standard/Flat Wall Mount $100.00 + GST
10m HDMI/VGA/Audio Cable Set w/ Patch Panel & 2m Patch Cables $295.00 + GST

Custom Made 12mm Polycarbonate Protect Cover $1670.00 + GST
Access/Lifting Equipment Hire (required due to size/weight of screen and protective cover) $400.00 + GST
Misc. Hardware/Incidentals $150.00 + GST
Estimated Installation Costs (two technicians required) $1200.00 + GST

Total – using 60” Screen $5665.00 + GST

Total – using 70” Screen $8029.00 + GST

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