Friday, 8 July 2016


Magisto is an amazing video tool I have been using to create videos for my students. I have been using it so often that I even paid for the premium version, even though the free version is plenty.

The web based software allow you to choose clips and or pictures. It then edits these into video presentation which can be shared or uploaded to youtube. The quality is amazing and it takes seconds to create. If you click 'I feel lucky' after choosing your pics/videos's, the software automatically creates an excellent video package complete with music. If you would like to choose your own music and the type of video you want, this can be done simply too.

Thanks you to Andrea Rabin for introducing this software to the Papakura High School staff at a morning briefing slam session.

Here is a video I created for our school Matariki celebrations. the video took literally 3 minutes to create once I had pictures and short clips. Using typical video editing software this would have taken hours.

Next term I intend to produce a short Magisto video to showcase Papakura High school sports teams at assembly time.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Education grassroots inititive

Last month I came across this article in the education gazettte

Digital technologies: new initiative calls for ideas

I decided to apply for 15 thousand dollars on behalf of Papakura High School. My application was based upon the work i am doing with my SPARK MIT inquiry around rewindable learning. If I am successful in my application I will have reduced teacher contact hours to work with other staff at Papkura High and also the wider Kootuitui cluster of schools, to assist in making lessons rewindable.

A massive thank you to Angela Gattung and also my principal John Rohs for their support in this application. Both assisted me in getting the wording of my application correct so I have the best possible chance of success.

In particular Angela spent hours writing up my inquiry and answering the questions that came back at me from the ministry. Thanks you Angela.