Monday, 14 May 2018

Day 7 Digital intensive

Today I am starting to think about my Level 2 google exam. I will be attempting this in week 10 so I don't have much time left to hone my skills. Of particular concern is sheets. I feel i dont use them often enough to have enough understanding just yet.

Fortunately, Gerhard Vermeulen has kindly supported me and also shared with me this Level 2 skills checklist. I plan to spend the next few weeks working on this checklist and to be honest, I feel quite excited to learn more.

There are so many new skills that I am learning from this course. I feel it is going to ease my workload and de-stress me. One tab is one such extension that will help organize my browsing. I also now feel much more confident in using google hangouts. I made a comment that the day will come where we can teach from our home.

I remember watching back to the future 2 when I was a child. In one scene the dad is at home and his boss appears on the TV and fires him. It feels like the future that I was so excited about is here.

I have underused hangouts in the past. Meeting can be accessed from hangouts and students and colleagues can also connect so much easier.

Here is a screencast of a hangout we were having today about the digital curriculum.


  1. Good luck with your exam! You have inspired me to find a Level 1 checklist and do some practise. I'm really looking forward to learning about One Tab as I tend to end up with quite a few open at our training days!

  2. I can understand your excitement. My concern lies in my belief that more Sophias will be planned and built in the future, and that one or some or even all of them could take our jobs and careers.