Friday, 23 March 2018

Reflection day 4 of Digital Fluency Intensive

Today I had my most daunting experience of the course. I had to present my Pepeha in Te Reo with my slide deck. I practiced all week. Fortunately, I had Ngaire Tauhara-White assist me with the writing. She then read my Pepeha to me while I recorded. this allowed me to practice during the week.

Leroy Paul was also of great assistance. He has been encouraging me to use Te Reo in the classroom. Over the year he provides me a word a day. I practiced for Leroy and he encouraged me and gave me tips on how to be strong with the language. No matter how poor my Te Reo is, Leroy encourages me to persist and I appreciate his influence. He is making me believe I can learn Te Reo. Here is a voice recording of my presentation

Later in the day, I used screencastify to speak over my Pepeha. As I had used screencastify a lot ofver previous years I was comfortable with this tool. Below is the video

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