Friday, 9 March 2018

Reflecting on session two of Digital Fluency course

I had another great session on the day two. I always knew google sheets would have many functions that would be useful and today I explored some of these. What I found particularly useful in the ad ons. Having Dorothy Burt share the add-ons that are useful made me want to explore more.

I feel like I need a day or two too continue to play with the features I learnt today. In particular, the formulas in spreadsheet interested me. I had come across formulas before and I feel like now I have a better understanding of how to create these.

Simple functions such as freeze rows and columns will be useful. Having used spreadsheets for over 8 years I never could work out how to do this. I didn't realise it would be so simple. Likewise creating charts is something that is so much easier than I expected

I found the 'my google maps' quite niggly. I need more practice in using google maps. Below is a road trip I created and intend on completing in July.

I could have spent hours more time exploring sheets. there is so much to learn. Right now, however, it is a Friday afternoon and it is very hot. I need to relax with a cold drink

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