Thursday, 14 April 2016

NCEA results term 1

Level 2 NCEA results term 1

Level 1 NCEA results term 1

With term 1 results just in its a chance for me to reflect on how digital technology has affected results.

What I have found is exactly what I experienced at Tamaki College when Google apps were initially used for teaching an learning

The disengaged students were still dis-engaged. They spent most of the time on Facebook and game and little time engaged in learning. They quickly found proxy servers to navigate around the teacher dashboard highlights.

On the positive side, engaged students learning has been accelerated. Many students gained merits and excellences. This was above national averages.

This graph enough reminded me that new initiatives don't always work immediately. Sometimes you have to take a step back to go forward. At Papakura High until the staff become confident users and change their pedagogy, as well as the students being mature in their use of the web and its distractions, things may well go back before they go forward

The important thing is that we realise the bigger picture and the long term benefits to digital enablement

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