Friday, 25 November 2016

Reflection about video

I had an interesting discussion with a colleague on Monday regarding capturing lessons with video and why teachers are reluctant to be videoed.

It is my feeling that teachers often like their practice to be perfection. When you capture lessons often things are not perfect. Sharing this can be daunting if you expect perfection every-time. Always what I share on my website is raw footage and often I will have to deal with mis-behaviour or I will lose my thought and the video will not be an illustration of good practice or communication. 

If I was to go edit every video and turn it into something that shows me in good light I would be spending too many hours to make the practice sustainable. I prefer to just post video and not worry about peoples judgement.

Another observation is that while I am videoing I find student behaviour improves. I think students are aware when a camera is on and they are in full view and their behaviour is rewindable. There has been times this year where a class has been difficult to engage so I have started videoing and the students have settled down because of this.

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