Friday, 15 May 2015

Technical stumbles

Learning some of the technique aspects to video analysis has been interesting

First of all exporting student details out of KAMAR into a excel spreadsheet where the information could be uploaded kept hitting snags. The process took a number of hours. It would have been easier to manually type in the class details as things like birth dates could not be uploaded because of formatting issues. Also e mail address were not on KAMAR

Secondly I found that on some devises the software would not convert a MOV video and would instaed prefer MP4. After mucking around trying and waiting patiently I found a quick video conversion website by typing in 'MOV to MP4 conversion' This solved this issue

The one advantage of this issue was getting in contact with the vidaylze developer Jarrod Robinson. This connection was an unexpected benefit of the technical problems I was having. He also alerted me to the new developments in the software including web-casting.

You tube ripping is something I am still looking for solutions too. You tube makes it hard to download their content. When you free a frer site that does this often the next week it has been shut down. For the purpose of what I am doing I have now decided to use models from within the community for students to do their comparisons. Best you tube to Mp4 convertor

It was integral for me to work this out before I unleashed the students onto the software. I needed to understand issue that they would encounter and be able to work through this with them. I also needed to be prepared to deal with these to ensure the students did not disengage with the process. The process of video analysis needs to be easy and simple so not to discourage students that aren't confident in a digital world

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