Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Students video themselves performing a basketball free throw

Last week The student in my class videoed their basketball free throw from two angles

As a teacher I videoed the shot and the then e mailed the file to the students g mail account. I decided this was the best process as I wanted to have control of the clip , the length and the scope. The analysis the students will have autonomy over.

Once they can see was sort of video is required for a skill video analysis I will allow the students to video themselves

Students then uploaded the video from their g mail accounts into vidalyze. As long as this was done with a netbook their were now issues. Other devises required a file converter.

The pedogoical process to this was interesting. When the teacher was involved in videoing it was difficult to see to the technical issues. the more the students are involved in the process the more the teacher can direct their attention to the issues that arise. As the students didn't all have netbooks by the end of the lesson some students had fully uploaded their video to their site and some hadn't. Some students choose to be confident bystanders and make excises why they couldn't upload the video. I would suggest this was because they were wanting to play basketball. Engaging these disengaged students is one of the goals for the project

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