Monday, 29 February 2016

Making all learning rewindable

A big thank you to Maria Krause and Angela Gattung from Kootuitui for sharing their presentation to Papakura High staff on rewindable learning.

I really enjoyed hearing how other teachers in the school make their students learning rewindable. When you are stick teaching 20 hours a week it is difficult to get out and see what others are doing

On reflecting on my own practice, I would like to make all material rewindable. This means video, screencasts, recording discussion and sharing to my site.

I was heartened to see my Level 2 students referring to a screen-cast on my site today. This student started school late. This screen-cast is allowing her to catch up on the work and skills she needs to achieve in this class

I also noticed that the students in this class are on task and engaged. Considering they have only 3 weeks experience in using sites and google documents, I am very heartened.

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