Friday, 13 February 2015

MIT15 ideas and inquiry

I am looking to examine how to use video for the purpose of analysis of movement. Also looking at how this video could be used as assessment tool. The Inquiry will be useful for sport and Physical Education teachers and anybody wanting to compare and contrast movement.

Previously I have used video editors to slow down video and have students evaluate movements. You tube editor is a good video editing tool.

I have seen software that enable students to draw on the video and graph movement as well as compare to others. I intend to inquire on the suitability of some of this software to students in the maniakalani cluster.

I will then use the software to enhance engagement and thus achievement in a Level 1 PE achievement standard. In this standard the students must demonstrate strategies to improve performance. The context I will use will be volleyball as it is an activity the students engage in and there is enough online material for the students to compare and contrast movement.

Lastly I will explore the opportunities for the students to 'double dip' and gain IT credits based on their use of video and technology

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  1. This is going to be a fascinating inquiry for your colleagues to follow Jason. I love the way your peers took some of the ideas you shared today and repurposed them in their own inquiries.